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Re: http


So you have your own dhcp and dns server. You're able to ping any host
within your own network with it's dns name, but you can't connect to
any host outside of it.

Have you tried pinging with an IP adres? eg www.google.com =

A problem might be that you didn't configure the records for the root
servers correctly.

your named.conf file should contain something like

zone "." {
     type hint
     file "root.dns"

and then you need to create a file containing records for each of the
root nameservers. you do this with the command dig :

dig > root.dns

At home i don't go directly to the root nameservers. All the dns
reqeusts for hosts not in my network are forwarded to my ISPs
nameserver. It requires these lines in named.conf.

options {
        forward only;
        forwarders {
         ... (ip adresses of nameservers ISP)

zone "." {
        type hint;
        file "cache.db";



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Sender  : For users of Fedora Core releases (fedora-list redhat com)
Date    : 12/05/2004 - 17:24
Subject : http

NTR> I've set up dns through dhcp in my computer (client)... everything works
NTR> with dns, except for the http conextions...

NTR> wget get stucked in the "connecting to" part... if I try to get a local
NTR> page, even using dns, and not any local address, it's fine... but pages
NTR> outside my domain are unreachable...

NTR> any ideas?

NTR> norton
NTR> ---


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