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Re: Why Would Fedora be Free ? Can it be Trusted?

Rodolfo J. Paiz wrote:

>2. Some people are concerned that since Fedora is open source that they
> don't know where the software comes from so they can't trust it. How
> can they trust it?

The argument is silly, and just downright stupid. People are willing to trust Microsoft even though you are not allowed to see the program, even though they could do anything with your computer and not tell you, even though they have been shown to attach tracking numbers to your documents, even though they have been shown to send identifying information about your computer to themselves during the registration process, even though they have a TERRIBLE security record. Why? Because they know the name "Microsoft" and because it costs money... and in the USA, due to the mostly mistaken perception that you could sue them if you wanted.

One thing the OP can do is show them the EULA for Microsoft Windows Media player 9... It has some terms that really say "we are going to control your computer and by clicking accept you cant sue us" . They did this because they know that most users dont read the EULA.. And if some user ever tried to sue them for controlling his computer , they can simply say "Hey , you accepted the EULA which came with the product , so you can't sue us! It was written there saying that we could and would do that..."...

And Rodolfo remmembered the most important thing: countries like China and Brazil are supporting opensource because the benefits are huge for these countries. Instead of sending millions of dollars in licenses to the "Big Bad Company" , they invest this money in local universities and local companies that work with linux. This has two immediate effects: more jobs (reducing unemployement) and keeps people in the country (usually good programmers have to leave to other countries like the US so they can get good wages). (and I have to thank the Brazilian government for this , as I work on a opensource project paid by it in the university where I study :P )

Pedro Macedo

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