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Re: FC2-test3 & ATI driver

Dwaine Castle wrote:



Everything appears to be working with one exception.  My video
card was miss-identified as an ATI8500LE and this allows me a
maximum screen resolution of 800x600.  I've tried to change it,
but it goes back to 8500LE.  I've downloaded the latest drivers
from ATI, but they appeared to be designed only for XFree86 and
it doesn't look like FC2 is using XFree86.  I remember reading
something about Fedora no longer using XFree86 during the
installation but I was more interested in my installation
failures.  I doubt that I should install the ATI RPM.  This seems
like a hardware configuration issue, but I know that the X server
is related.

I would like to get my graphics card installed correctly. Can
anyone explain what is going wrong?

There appears to be something wrong with X, I was having the same problem with an ATI AIW 8500DV nad an Nvidia GeForce 4 MX. From what was able to figure out, the new xorg drivers appear to be reading the DDC information incorectly from my Monitor. I then tried to pick a Generic 1600x1200 Monitor, but it did the same thing. Eventualy I discovered that in order to disable DDC you must remove the comment charcters from the Horizontal and Vertical Scan Range line in:


Then you have to reboot {it can be done without a reboot but rebooting is simpler to explain.}

Good luck.

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