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Re: Why Would Fedora be Free ? Can it be Trusted?

Rodolfo J. Paiz wrote:

At 10:18 5/12/2004, Gary Ford wrote:

The May 2004 issue of ACM's "Queue" magazine has four articles and one column on open-source software from a software industry perspective. In particular, two of the articles talk about the value of using open-source software, not just as a platform for getting work done, but also as part of the products a company produces. Another article, written by a developer turned lawyer, looks at the ramifications of the various kinds of open-source licenses. The articles are well worth your time to read, if you are trying to introduce open-source into your company.

And is there any way one can read those articles online? I don't know what ACM is, nor do I know their Queue magazine, and a quick search (really quick...) turned up nothing.


ACM = Association of Computing Machinery

The ACM homepage is http://www.acm.org

This has a link to the Publication "Queue", which for quick reference, is at http://www.acmqueue.org

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