Nothing but problems upgrading to Fedora Core

Andre Costa acosta at
Wed May 12 22:06:45 UTC 2004

On Wed, 12 May 2004 09:05:22 -0400
Gordon Keehn <gordonkeehn at> wrote:

> > Sorry to hear you have been having that many problems, John. All I
> > can say is that GRUB also let me down a few days ago (read 'GRUB
> > Blues' thread posted recently). In my case, I believe it might be
> > BIOS fault, but I could workaround it anyway (by manually
> > configuring GRUB at every boot... =/ ).
> > 
> > Hope GRUB installation (and GRUB itself) improves on FC2.
> > 
> > Best,
> > 
> > Andre
> > 
>     For whatever it's worth, I installed GRUB over LILO when it first 
> appeared in a RedHat distro.  (I don't even remember how long ago that
> was.)  I had no problems with the upgrade then, and have had no
> problems with GRUB ever since.  It has made it substantially easier to
> maintain / upgrade the kernel, and I love the ability to test a
> modified grub.conf by booting a floppy with GRUB installed.  There's
> no accounting for taste.  ;-{)>
>     Cheers,
> Gordon Keehn

I've had my own success stories to tell, too -- here at home I installed
GRUB over LILO and have been using it happily ever since, no problems
whatsoever. My bad experience with GRUB happened a few days ago, at
work, right after I talked a colleague of mine into upgrading his RH8
box to Fedora. We both were kinda disappointed to see it didn't work --
specially when we know that LILO worked just fine on the same box.

Anyway, sh* happens sometimes. I am pretty sure GRUB will improve, it's
just a matter of time.



Andre Oliveira da Costa

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