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Re: .rpm files have no association

On Wed, May 12, 2004 at 05:51:34PM -0700, Rick Stevens wrote:
> Mikha ben Avraham wrote:
> >Hey all, I would post this on the test list, but I haven't gotten a 
> >reply back yet. (OT: I subscribed to multiple fedora lists and none of 
> >them have replied back yet)
> >
> >In test 2 and 3 I have a problem with .rpm files. If I try to double 
> >click one, it opens a window telling me that there is no "action 
> >associated" with rpm's. Do you know if there is a fix for it, or if it 
> >will be fixed in the final FC2 release?
> Go to your "preferences->File Types and Programs->Packages->RPM files",
> select "Install Package" in the "Default Action" section of "Actions".

If I recall this is a default setup for Nautilus. So something is
strange.  What is your usr ID when you are clicking on them.

Also are these rpms local or out on the Internet.

Are you clicking in a mozilla, netscape, "Nautilus" or other window.
(Test with help upper right or perhaps 'xprop' if you cannot tell from

IMO, Default on the Internet should be download where you can inspect,
install and archive.  Also IMO, root should not be surfing the net

I am curious.  Most rpm packages will already be installed by yum or
up2date.  There will not be many where you want them to install with a
quick click.  Most you will want to install from a command line ( rpm
-[iU]vh package.rpm).  Clearly you do not want to rpm -U a kernel

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