Speaking of tar, Can I use it to BU my win98 partition.

Joe(theWordy)Philbrook jtwdyp at ttlc.net
Thu May 13 03:30:28 UTC 2004

,,It would appear that on May 12, James Wilkinson did say:

> I haven't done the tar bit, but I have done a Linux level copy from one
> win98 install to another several times (old disk to new disk).
> You'll need to run SYS C: from that win98 rescue floppy to make the new
> filesystem boot DOS.
> There are issues with mkdosfs -F32, the cluster size, and Windows
> DEFRAG.EXE. Windows 98 FORMAT is constrained to use a specific number of
> sectors per cluster, depending on the size of the disk: mkdosfs isn't.
> If you choose a different cluster size to Windows, Windows itself will
> work, but DEFRAG won't work.
> I suspect that this is a limit to the 16 bit program.
> Hoping that this isn't too far off topic,
> James.

Thank you James. OK if there are issues with mkdosfs -F32, then I will
probably need that win98 rescue floppy to preserve the ability to
defrag... But I don't see why I'd want to sys c:? What does it put there
that tar couldn't restore and wasn't going to be overwritten by the 
lilo -b /dev/hda? 

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