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Re: FC2-test3 & ATI driver


You've got me interested now.  I MD5SUM'd my three disc2s on 4
Memorex CD/NT4,
Sony CD/Windows 2000,
Plextor CD/Windows XP Prof &,
HP CD/Fedora.

They all check out.  Disks 1,3,4 are all OK.  I used Memorex CD-R
52x disks and burned them using Alcohol 120 on the XP machine.
Alcohol 120 has the buffer-under-run switch set by default.  I am
going to have to research the ATA packet interface thing.

Before I just swapped the 3 disc2s round robin, each disk failed
on a different file during each install attempt.  I made many
many single CD attempts and was halfway through a six-pack when I
stumbled across the round-robin scheme.

CD drives are cheap and I will replace any one of mine tomorrow
if I can find any evidence of failure.  It just seems, to me,
that the checksum tests would be adequate to determine a hardware
or media failure.

Thanks for your time.


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