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Re: Email client for Exchange

On Thu, May 13, 2004 at 08:30:25PM +1000, Trevor McNamara wrote:
> Hey,
> Was just wondering if there is an email client I can use for Fedora
> that will connect to exchange server, I would like it to connect to
> distribution list and the calendar if possible.
> At the moment I am using the Outlook Web Access that I have for the
> Exchange server. But I would like a client.
> I know I can buy the evolution add on but I would much rather not buy
> it if there was an alternative. Or may be is there one in development?

Evolution will talk to Exchange using the Evolution Connector (formerly
Ximian Connector). And it was just made open source yesterday.


Unfortunately Fedora isn't currently a supported distribution, but it
_is_ possible to get it to work with a bit of fiddling.


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