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Re: root cannot login tho sudo user can

On Wed, 2004-05-12 at 22:49, Karl L wrote:
> Comparing the files in the two directories I find that .Xclients is missing from the /root directory so I'm following that lead. I'll look
> for information on this to see if it has any significance.
> At least this accounts for the difference in treatment of root and
> user911 by the X interface.  What caused it and how to fix it remains
> to be addressed.  Any suggestions?
> Karl L


I do not have a .Xclients file in my /root directory either, and root
does not have a problem logging into X. What's in  ~user911/.Xclients?

Exactly what happens when you try to log in to X as root?  Does the
screen go blue for a short period and then back to the login dialog?

Anything significant in /var/log/XFree86.0.log?

If you switch to runlevel 3, can you log in as root?  If so, what errors
does startx emit?  The last few lines of output at the terminal should
be some kind of error message.

As a last resort:  While still logged in as root on runlevel 3 delete
all of the hidden (.) files and directories in /tmp.  Caveat:  I've
never had to do this for root, usually it's a user who cannot login, but
it's worth a try.


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