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Re: Importing MDK RPMs in FC2 ?

On Thu, 2004-05-13 at 15:33, vito piserchia wrote:
> Hi All!
> this is my first time in this ml..great thanks to all for this 
> project , !!!
> Due to the choise to exclude many packages for the DMC Act linked 
> problems , our preferred distro leaks of many useful .  
> The question is : there is a simple methode to import the MDK 's RPMs in 
> fedora core 2 ?

No, I wouldn't recommend that (at least not without doing a rebuild). If
you want to play mp3's and so on you can find the information you need
in the list archives. There's lots of extra software for Fedora at these


No, there aren't any FC 2 packages there yet, but that's because FC 2
isn't out yet. Either have patience, or rebuild the ones you want for
your pre-FC2 install if you have one.


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