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Re: How to Properly Prepare for Move to FC2

On Thu, 13 May 2004, Clint Harshaw wrote:

> I want to move my home system to FC2 when it comes out, however, I want 
> to migrate my data to the new system. I want to learn what is the proper 
> method to migrate and keep all the data I've created safe.
> I'm trying to head off potential frustration, by good planning in advance.
> I understand there are significant differences between FC1 and FC2 that 
> might mean a fresh install is preferred. If that is the case, can I 
> simply save everything in /home/username and the files I created in 
> /var/www/includes and /var/www/html/ to a CD and install them in the 
> freshly installed FC2?
> Should I do an upgrade or fresh install?

there's probably a lot of stuff in /etc you'll want to save as well, like
/etc/{passwd,group,shadow} and so on that you'll want to carefully restore
after the fact.  that is, if you want to restore all your user accounts.
and mailboxes under /var/spool/mail, things like that.


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