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Re: yum - slightly OT

> I'm charged with taking some spare PCs we have around here and setting
> up some different distros as demonstrations.  I'd like to set up an
> FC2T3 machine to show Red Hat's offering.  But my experience with other
> distros is kind of lacking.  What other systems include yum, apt, or
> another console based update tool?

for a more modern fedora, wait about 4 days... the new fedora core comes out.

also, you may want to check out debian (apt-get), mandrake (urpmi) and
gentoo (emerge).

the big disadvantage/advantage of gentoo is that it re-compiles all
updates.  this takes time, but your system will always be up-to-date and
you don't have to do major version upgrades (like you would with mandrake
and fedora).  debian systems never need a full version upgrade either with
apt-get, but installing it can be a pain and i've heard rumors (nothing
concrete, mind you) that debian may be on its way out.  but don't quote me
on that.


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