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Re: ntp won't set clock [Was clock.redhat.com question]

Steve Blackwell wrote:
Last weekend, a lightning stike knocked out a switch which was connecting my ntp server. As a result my ntp server's time is off by about 3 days.

After rebooting the switch and the server, the server will not set the correct time. I'm using the -g option to ntpd.

Most systems start with the time found in the bios.
Then ntp only updates the time if it is within reasonable limits (couple of minutes or up to an hour).

Hence, use `date` (or `ntpdate`) to set the time reasonable, then restart ntp.

Then, use `hwclock` to update the bios time (this also happens on shutdowns).

ntpq -p looks OK although the jitter on the internet secondary servers seems high: 2.589, 11.259 and 1.538. Would this high jitter prevent the local clock from being updated? If not what else could cause this? There are no unusual messages in the system log.

I think the clock is to much off.


Thanks, Steve.

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