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Re: single linux box on dsl?

William Hooper wrote:

Jay Daniels said:

What was the verdict on using a single Linux box with X on DSL or

Does the redhat-config-securitylevel tool block ports X uses?

If you configure it to.

Is there an X Windowing system that doesn't uses ports?

By default FC1 doesn't use any TCP ports for XFree86.

Yes FC1 does use TCP ports for X11.

Display :0.0 = TCP port 6000

XDMCP does not use TCP by default, so you can't access a remote desktop
but the display is still listening. You use xhost to control access to
the display.

If you log onto another machine and export DISPLAY=yourhost:0.0 and you have run xhost +remoteip then when you run an X app on the remote machine it will display on your local interface, you also need to open TCP port 6000 in your firewall. You can also use ssh forwarding to simplify some of the steps and encrypt the X commands between the two machines, this does not require TCP port 6000 to be opened.

I use ssh X forwarding all the time, and it works well.

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