single linux box on dsl?

William Hooper whooperhsd3 at
Thu May 13 17:53:55 UTC 2004

Guy Fraser said:
> Yes FC1 does use TCP ports for X11.

No, it doesn't.  Just one example of many:

> XDMCP does not use TCP by default, so you can't access a remote desktop
> but the display is still listening. You use xhost to control access to
> the display.

No, you can't.  It is not listening.

> If you log onto another machine and export DISPLAY=yourhost:0.0 and you
> have run xhost +remoteip then when you run an X app on the remote
> machine it will display on your local interface, you also need to open TCP
> port 6000 in your firewall.

Not unless you reconfigure it to listen.

> You can also use ssh forwarding to
> simplify some of the steps and encrypt the X commands between the two
> machines, this does not require TCP port 6000 to be opened.


> I use ssh X forwarding all the time, and it works well.

I agree.

William Hooper

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