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Re: diary

Jay Daniels wrote:

On Thu, May 13, 2004 at 03:49:54PM +0530, G Rajesh wrote:

Does gnome has any software that can act as our personal diary? KDE has
korganizer to record journals and evolution seems to miss it. Any idea?

emacs / tools / display calendar / Dairy

There is no security for this diary except for the file permissions.
The diary is kept in a flat file in your home directory.  Very simple
but usefull.

I am told the gnome pim application was replaced by Evolution.


I have been looking for one myself with no luck. Currently, I'm using a program called "gjots".
It's not a diary. It's a tree style note taking program. You can get it from freshmeat.net. The program can be kind of quirky. I had a hard time getting it to save my datafile, but I got it to save the file by usings a short 4 letter name for the file.


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