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Re: single linux box on dsl?

XDMCP does not use TCP by default, so you can't access a remote desktop
but the display is still listening. You use xhost to control access to
the display.

No, you can't. It is not listening.

Selective editing can't save you. If you don't know what your talking about, admit you don't and learn. If you have an Xserver running you will have and open TCP port = 6000 + display_number. If you do not have a port listening, then you are not running X, you may be running some other graphical interface but it is not X.

Before you rebut this you better do some serious reading.

I have been using X for over a decade, and have yet to come accross a version that will work without a tcp stack. If you can point me to a document written by an XFree86 or Xorg that describes the configuration of X with out a tcp stack, I will retract my statement.

FYI it is possible to tell XFree86 not to use TCP ports for communication, although this is not typically the default in most distributions. I believe if you do this it will stick to UNIX domain sockets for IPC.




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