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RE: Sendmail Question

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> Am Do, den 13.05.2004 schrieb -=Brian Truter=- um 20:12:
> > How do I get sendmail to stop appending .localdomain on 
> mail sent from 
> > my system?
> Your domain name is set as localdomain. So Sendmail sets it. See
> http://www.sendmail.org/m4/whoami.html
> > Is it possible to tell it not to append anything at all?
> Mails sent with no FQDN or unresolvable domain name will not 
> be accepted by most recipient MTAs.
> Alexander
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Our system setup is for internal use only. It is UUCP based, and does not go
via the Internet.

It is mostly working, sendmail hands the mail off to UUCP, but it keeps
apending .localdomain to the mailing address. Also, if the ethernet card is
active, it will append the FQDN of any host if there is a name matching in
DNS. Very frustrating.

I tried the "define(`nodns') option, but sendmail complains that that
command is no longer used.

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