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X over SSH

Jeff Vian wrote:
> I have done some trying to get X forwarding running via ssh.
> I use cygwin to log in from my work pc via ssh to my linux box but as 
> yet have been unable to get the X forwarding to cooperate even after 
> trying all the steps listed on the various sites I found with google.
> There is no firewall at issue here. I must be missing something subtle, 
> but am at a loss as to what.
> Can you provide any pointers/instructions on how you made this work 
> properly.

I've got this working.

Stuff you might want to check:
 * Do you have a recent cygwin install? You might want to run setup.exe

 * Do you have X installed in cygwin? They've recently moved from
   Xfree86 to X.org. You might want to uninstall all the X stuff under
   Cygwin and reinstall it from scratch.

 * Did you run ssh -XC my.home.pc (with both the X and the C)?
   (Compression is not essential but it certainly helps).

 * Do you have X11Forwarding yes set in your /etc/ssh/sshd_confg file
   on the Linux box?

 * Once you've sshed home, is $DISPLAY set, and what to?

 * What happens if you try running (say) mozilla?

 * IME, it's not particularly fast at the best of times with modern
   software, all the eye candy, and font smoothing. What sort of
   connection are we talking about?

Hope this helps,

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