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Re: Hardware reccomondation - SCSI

At 16:49 5/13/2004, Michael A. Peters wrote:
What I would like to do is replace my adaptec SCSI card with a better
(faster) card that is well supported by Linux - and attach 4 fast/big
SCSI hard disks.

Well, I have two Adaptec 29160 cards that I need to sell. Recently pulled from a working server, should be just fine, guaranteed not to be DOA. If you want one, feel free to offer something reasonable... otherwise I'm going to have to Ebay them. :-)

Anyway - I want recommendations on a good card with good Linux support
for fast (faster than U-SCSI) _external_ scsi hard drives. Some cards
I've looked at have good support for fast _internal_ scsi - but are only
U-SCSI on the external interface, which is essentially what I have now.

I figure someone on this list has already looked into this.

Have you considered a larger tower case and a 3Ware card? Lots of IDE drives that way, the 3Ware stuff is fast, and IDE is cheaper. Just a thought... I don't worry that much about a little extra speed, and that solution is why I have the extra 29160's now. <smile>


Rodolfo J. Paiz
rpaiz simpaticus com

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