passwd demon failing?

Ben Stringer ben at
Fri May 14 01:20:45 UTC 2004

On Fri, 2004-05-14 at 10:59, David Harris wrote:
> Hi

Hi David,

> using fedora core on a toshiba tecra M2 laptop.
> its a dual boot using grub with windows xp
> I have been using it regularly with no troubles. All patches including
> latest kernel have been applied.
> yesterday i installed httpd, ftp and samba, again i downloaded all
> patches.
> I am using the default fedora gui, when i try to log in as a user or
> root, i immediately get the message "authentication failed"

You can attempt a login from a "virtual console" to see if the problem
is with the GUI login screen.

>From the GUI login screen, press Control-Alt-F1. You should get the
white-on-black console with a login prompt. Try and login here. To get
back to the GUI login screen, press Control-Alt-F7.

Also check obvious things like caps-lock not being on etc.

> So i booted in single user mode, changed the passwd and tried again.
> same message.
> It's as if the auth demon is not listening as it spits me out straight
> away. root or normal user
> is there anything i can check to make sure this is listening? if not
> any clues as to why this has all of a sudden happened? has samba
> corrupted something?

So is Macquarie looking to use Linux? Or is it a personal interest?

Cheers, Ben

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