needs advice

Edward edward at
Fri May 14 07:12:13 UTC 2004

Jay Daniels wrote:


> I try to avoid multifuction fax/printer/scanners in windows or linux.
> They seem to be cheap devices and the paper feed does not work
> properly on most grabing 2 sheets at a time.


Just want to chime in here Jay.

Please refrain from being that harsh and general. I've sold 
multifunction devices since the first OfficeJets that ever existed to my 
customers. I think it was 1997? Could have even been before that (I
am getting too old methinks).

Anyway - in a nutshell, we've sold heaps of them here and have had none 
exhibit paper feed problems.

Maybe stay away from the cheap ones?

Or start your sentences with IMHO or "in my experiences". Don't scare 
people away from things just because you had a bad experience.


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