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Fri May 14 12:01:33 UTC 2004

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On Friday 14 May 2004 12:42, Gene Heskett wrote:

>>You need the hotplug *package*, which should have been a dependency
>> in the RPM.
>And the latest version of that is?  url please.

Hotplug is in Fedora.  The latest version can be had from the development 
tree.  In fact, maybe that is something I should add -- if you want the 
latest and greatest, the first stop should perhaps be the development tree / 
FC2 Test series.

> I had nuked it by hand because I couldn't get past it in the bootup
> about half the time, the other half wasted 2-3 minutes, and both ways
> made megabytes of errors in the logs.  So rpm may think its installed
> (rpm -e wouldn't let me remove it), but its doubtfull & I should do a
> fresh install.  Maybe this time it'll work right.

Sorry, what did you nuke that made megabytes of errors in the logs? Hotplug???  
If so no wonder you have troubles!

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