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Re: Running GNOME over SSH

I assume you are using cygwin/X on winxp.
Modifiy /usr/X11R6/binstartxwin.sh in your cygwin root.
Instead of firing up twm, make it start gnome-session

If all you want is just to get a remote desktop, using VNC
will be far easier than fuddling with X.

D. Lee

--- Mark Haney <mark haney doctordirectory com> からのメ
> I've managed to get an X session running from my FC1
> server at home to my  
> XP box at work, but all I get is a background, no
> icons or anything.  I've  
> never really had a need to try to do this, but now
> I'd like to get my  
> GNOME desktop to show up over here at work.  Can
> someone point me to a  
> good HOWTo on configuration, or tell me the short
> version of how to get  
> GNOME up and running.  The HOWTO I used to get X
> running was for KDE,  
> which I don't use much.  Any help would be
> appreciated.
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