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RE: VNC (Virtual Network Computing) question

A couple of issues with VNC.
In my class, I have a Red Hat 9 and Fedora machine setup with 
tightvnc, and have about 20 VNC sessions configured. There is 
almost no load on the server when not in use, and very little when in 
use. Only exception was the redhat-applet that was checking for 
updates, after a reboot, it would be using a couple percentages for 
each session, so I removed it, but use synaptic to keep machine 

The Red Hat machine has tightvnc, which was better than the 
original one installed as to CPU %, and the Desktop sharing options 
worked, but had a hugh CPU %. I also setup the VNCSERVERS in 
the /etc/sysconfig to automatically start the vnc at boot, and have 
stunnel run from rc.local at boot, so I can have secure connections. 
The users do have to log in once to setup the vncserver to setup the 
port and password, and uncomment the two lines in the 
.vnc/xstartup file for the fedora to get it to work as a full session. I 
use the stunnel option to secure the connection. 

At one point, the whole class was connected with 20 machines to 
the Red Hat machine thru the 100MB connection. Just showed that 
it worked. 

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> Hans Scheffers wrote:
> >Tunnel vnc over ssh :-) 
> >
> >  
> >
> Have a look at TightVNC too:
> http://www.tightvnc.com/intro.html
> Ian
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