non-stop disk activity

Per Bothner per at
Fri May 14 15:50:50 UTC 2004

Joel Jaeggli wrote:

> I'd probably target using a lower power-disk or flash card  rather than 
> spinning the drive down... once the disk is spun down, latency on your 
> next operation is huge...

Yes, I should probably do this anyway.  (One option I've considered is 
using a laptop as the server, as these are engineered for low-power 
usage - except for the power-brick ...  That is a more expensive 
solution, and a little less expandable.)

This is off-topis for this list - but any recommendations for efficient 
disk drives?  What would be involved in installing a 2.5" laptop drive 
in a desktop system?
	--Per Bothner
per at

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