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Re: Anyone have an idea of how smooth the FC2 upgrade is going to be?

Preston Crawford wrote:

Just curious. The closer we get to FC2 the more I'm getting antsy about
upgrading. My system is running well, everything is fine. I'm
contemplating switching to SuSE or something that doesn't require such
frequent upgrades. No complaints about Fedora. I love Fedora. I'm just
not sure I want to reinstall my system again so soon. I'm wondering if
you can actually "upgrade" to FC2, or whether it requires a wholesale
reinstall. And how stable is it in testing so far?

You'll probably be able to upgrade using the install disks.

If your concerned about the stability of the upgrade, I would recommend leaving your FC1 install alone for a week or two. Watch the mailing lists and see if anything is said about upgrading to FC2 or FC2 stability.


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