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Re: single linux box on dsl?

Rodolfo J. Paiz wrote:

At 14:26 5/13/2004, Guy Fraser wrote:

OK, I am wrong.

Better to eat crow than starve. :-[ ---

Very nice to see an intelligent, well-supported discussion. Also very nice to see someone calmly and quickly admit error rather than be stubborn about it.

Thanks to all of you... this has been a very educational thread for me. Can someone point me to a beginner's guide to X Forwarding, particularly through SSH? I keep hearing that X can display the results/output of a program on another machine, and that this can be tunneled through SSH. Great, fine, I get it... and I'd *love* to do it. Yet I can't seem to find a HOWTO that will explain the how and the why to me...

An FM I can R, please?

I am not sure about the any fine manuals.

I recently got a FreeBSD 5.2 box to forward X to my FC1 box.
I had struggled with that box for some time and could not figure out why
it was not working. I have other FreeBSD boxes that forward X quite
well. Finally a couple of days ago I decided to install a complete XF86
setup rather than just the libs. Killed sshd started sshd then logged out. After
logging back in I could run nedit and it worked.

The moral of this story may be, a full X system may need to be installed on
the machine you are trying to run the application from. X does not need to be
running, so it just wastes some drive space.

If a full X system is on the machine, then you will need to edit the sshd_config
file and add these commands :

X11Forwarding yes
X11DisplayOffset 10
X11UseLocalhost yes

They may be in the file already and just need to have the comment character

Once the sshd_config is updated you will need to stop sshd then start it again.

I have on occasion come across a machine or two that required the environment
variable 'DISPLAY' to be set and exported in .bash_profile like this :

export DISPLAY='localhost:0.0'

I don't know if DISPLAY=':0.0' would work or not, because I didn't try.

I hope that helps.

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