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Flickering screen with FC1 and Dell 8600


I have a inspiron 8600 laptop with a WUXGA 1920x1200 screen and a NVIDIA Geforce4go 5650 video card with the NVIDIA 5336 drivers installed. I am trying to get the graphics to work properly with Fedora Core 1.
After searching through the wbe etc. I have found a set of options which seem to work but the screen suffers from occasion flickering.

My XF86Config and Xfree.0.log files are

This is my first experience of installing linux on a laptop, so please forgive any mistakes or newbie-status.
My questions are

Have I configured X correctly ? I found a number of ModeLines which give different refresh rates i.e.

#1920x1200 @ 52Hz
#ModeLine "1920x1200" 162 1920 1984 2176 2480 1200 1201 1204 1250 +hsync +vsync
#1920x1200 @ 60Hz
Modeline "1920x1200" 161.750000 1920 2020 2052 2184 1200 1202 1208 1235 -HSync -VSync

Is one better than the other ? Also are these correct (again I have found various versions)

        HorizSync    31.5 - 100.0
        VertRefresh  30.0 - 90.0

Has anyone else with this hardware experinced flickering ? Could it it something else (DPMS ?) I am running kdm desktop with KDE 3.2.2.


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