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Re: How to Properly Prepare for Move to FC2

On Thu, May 13, 2004 at 09:44:38AM -0400, Clint Harshaw wrote:

> to migrate my data to the new system. I want to learn what is the proper 
> method to migrate and keep all the data I've created safe.

Safe requires a backup.

Backup your data in ways that you know, understand and can test!

> I'm trying to head off potential frustration, by good planning in advance.
> I understand there are significant differences between FC1 and FC2 that 
> might mean a fresh install is preferred. If that is the case, can I 
> simply save everything in /home/username and the files I created in 
> /var/www/includes and /var/www/html/ to a CD and install them in the 
> freshly installed FC2?
> Should I do an upgrade or fresh install?

Let this question get answered in the first two or three
weeks after the release.  Make a list of your hardware and 
key software then watch for any issues specific to you.

The prudent folks out there will update less important boxes and
will report their results and perhaps solutions to problems.

The reckless folks out there will update important boxes and scream
like heck as they suffer repairs.

The cautious will learn from it all.

I do know that for me the Disk update from test2+rawhide to test3
missed some things that were hard to track down.  In part because some
packages rolled back and forth.  Also, I had made a long list of
personal reckless experimental changes.  It should be noted that the
path I took was not a design goal.  A fresh install did clean a
tedious list of things up.

I do expect that FC1 --> FC2 upgrades from the CD set will not need
too many special adjustments.  It is just too early to know which ones
might apply to you.  Much depends on your pain tolerance ;-) and

	T o m  M i t c h e l l 
	/dev/null the ultimate in secure storage.

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