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Re: Anyone have an idea of how smooth the FC2 upgrade is going to be?

> From: "duncan brown" <duncanbrown linuxadvocate net>
> Jeremy Brown said:
> >>
> > This has been discussed before, and the unofficial response is that 
> > FC1 will probably get security releases for 2-3 weeks past 
> the release 
> > of FC2, just long enough to give users a chance to upgrade. 
>  I suspect 
> > fedora.us will provide unofficial security updates for 
> users that have 
> > to stick with FC1 for longer.
> i think that should be months, not weeks.
> if i were a millionaire, i'd find a way to keep a fc release 
> alive for a year for the world, that way you're only having 
> to upgrade every other ver, not shoved into another ver asap.

An interesting point you make about 'having' to upgrade. If a later
version of a package or packages doesn't offer something significant
improvement in features or security then there seems to be little point
in it.

I note with interest that
http://download.fedora.redhat.com/pub/fedora/linux/core/ has been
showing a 2/ directory for a while now (and which gives a 403), and that
no mirror I've seen even goes that far, and that it's now the 15th of

Of course, with the tangle of package interdependencies, and since
security holes are at least in part caused by inappropriate or
incorrectly written scripts (the value added part of a distribution) I'd
prefer to wait; half this system is compiled from source, and it works
fine. I'd also prefer a solid timetable with milestones checked as
accomplished and delays, expected or actual, publicised, rather than
hand waving at http://fedora.redhat.com/participate/schedule/ and saying
it's all there. But that's been discussed before.

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