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Re: Anyone have an idea of how smooth the FC2 upgrade is going to be?

Jeremy Brown wrote:

Chalonec Roger wrote:

Also, will FC1 continue to be downloadable with its existing patches and
for how long?

Most definitely yes.

 Will FC1 be maintained in parallel with FC2 for any
period?  If so how long?

This has been discussed before, and the unofficial response is that FC1 will probably get security releases for 2-3 weeks past the release of FC2, just long enough to give users a chance to upgrade.

you should not provide such wrong *unofficial* infos



*What is the errata policy for The Fedora Project?

Security updates, bugfix updates, and new feature updates will all be available, through Red Hat and third parties. Updates may be staged (first made available for public qualification, then later for general consumption) when appropriate. In drastic cases, we may remove a package from The Fedora Project if we judge that a necessary security update is too problematic/disruptive to the larger goals of the project. Availability of updates should not be misconstrued as support for anything other than continued development and innovation of the code base. Updates will be available for two to three months after the release of the subsequent version; that is, updates for Fedora Core 1 will be provided for two to three months after the release of Fedora Core 2, and so forth.
Red Hat will not be providing an SLA (Service Level Agreement) for resolution times for updates for The Fedora Project. Security updates will take priority. For packages maintained by external parties, Red Hat may respond to security holes by deprecating packages if the external maintainers do not provide updates in a reasonable time. Users who want support, or maintenance according to an SLA, may purchase the appropriate Red Hat Enterprise Linux product for their use.


I suspect fedora.us will provide unofficial security updates for users that have to stick with FC1 for longer.



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