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Re: Where's My 'Wide Open' Magazine?

Steven J. Brown wrote:
Does anyone know if Wide Open magazine is a real magazine? I paid $35 for a subscription over two months ago and I haven't received anything. I e-mailed a message to the address in a subscription confirmation, but it came back undeliverable. A few weeks ago, the first issue was promised. Now, at the website, a refund and a free subscription is promised. But WHEN??? Is Red Hat associated with 'bmind, LLC'?

I received my initial issue about a month ago. It included FC1 on three CDs plus a boot/rescue mini-CD.

In the May issue of "under the brim" RH says that they have changed their minds about charging for WO subscriptions and will make it available gratis to "qualified" subscribers. Here's a link to the the subscription form:


I also recall reading that all current paid subscribers would automatically be subscribed to the new subscription and that they would receive a rebate for their paid subscription. This info must have been in a separate email which I must have already deleted since I can't find it now. Maybe one of the RH people could comment further?

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