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Wine, why can't I get it to work

I have followed all of the threads, here and in a Wine
group that I can't post to, trying to get Wine to
work.  I have used Winesetuptk, changed the
wine.config and mounted the windows hard drive in
Linux.  I'm using Fedora Core 1.  I can run the
Notepad and WinMine but that's it.  I think those
programs are included in the RPM.

I've used every statement I can think of to start the
programs (ie: the app name alone, the app name with
the exe extension, the full path to the app) but all I
ever get is "Connot be found".  I have used the
Nautilus window, going to the windows HD, and double
clicked on the app but I get a statement "This
application requres Windows installer to run".

Needless to say I am a REAL novice in Linux.  

Thank you

Edward J. McSheehy

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