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Re: fc2 or not, that is the question...

On Sat, 15 May 2004, Alexander Dalloz wrote:

> Am Sa, den 15.05.2004 schrieb Jay Daniels um 18:13:
> > after finding out you will have to upgrade to a new version of fedora
> > every 3 months, I question my decision on using fedora.
> I had the impression you was a regular reader and poster on this list.
> Sorry, did you sleep? Who and where did you tell that new Fedora
> releases come out 4 times a year? And who urges you to upgrade as soon
> as a new stable release is out?
> Obviously that are rhetoric questions. On the Fedora Project site you
> can read that new Core releases are planned to come out just 2 times a
> year. And that is because Fedora intends to be leading edge, a
> distribution for the desktop and for enthusiastic users wanting to use
> the recent applications and technologies.
> And the Fedora Project page states too that bug fixing packages for the
> Core release are to be expected 2 to 3 month after a new Core release is
> out.
> The Fedoralegacy project intends to prolong that IIRC for about 3 month.
> So in all a Fedora Core release can be kept safe for a period of 1 year.
> Is that bad for a distribution with the goals it has?

Actually legacy says - it will maintain for 3 release cycles (the faq
esitmates it as 1.5 years). Asuming a cycle time of 6 months (which is
what FC1 to FC2 is approximately) this turns out :

FC1->FC2   = 6months
extra life = 2/3monts (lower estimate 2 monts)
legacy     = 3 * 6monts

ie. 4*6 + 2 = 26 months. (over 2 years)

If fedora manages to crank out 3 releases per year - then the life
would be atleast : 4*4 + 2 = 18months (1.5 years)


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