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Re: fc2 or not, that is the question...

On Sat, May 15, 2004 at 10:51:12AM -0600, Gene Delitzoy wrote:
> You had a problem, what did you do to fix it, for yourself and others?
> Did you make any code changes? pay someone else to do it, notify any of
> the maintainers of the package that you were having this problem? 

The programs I need to run require apache 1.3.x.  1.3 is still being
updated so I wouldn't call it obsolete it's just that switching back
to apache 1.3.. from 2.0 is very difficult in Fedora because many
other packages depend on httpd (apache 2.x) rpm be installed.

The developers of the program do not currently support apache 2.x and
I can't wait;)

I still want to know what this libpam.la file does and why it's not
included in the current pam-devel package? It seems to be required on
system using pam with imap support compiled into php or perhaps ldap


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