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Re: FC2 Available for Download May 14??

William Hooper wrote:

Ted Gervais said:

Is that true that release 2 (Tettnang) is out?


"18 May Release open, announced"

Probably Ted is confused , as people have already posted the contents of /etc/fedora-release from any FC2T3 updated machine... I have a FC2 test 3 install here and after all updates , /etc/fedora-releasever contains "Fedora Core 2 (Tettnang)" (not sure if it is all , as I'm running windoze now)... You can say that I have a final FC2 .. maybe I have ... I dont know for sure... But I'll only say I have FC2 final when I reinstall it using the official FC2 stable isos... :D
If you are in extreme need to have FC2 , you can try to download FC2T3 , install it and update... but remmember that is an unsupported migration (from FC2T3 to FC2) ... I guess I'll wait till tuesday , then dl it slowly (as I have a slow 256Kb/s connection) and next weekend I install it :)

Pedro Macedo

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