Multiple X Sessions on one Box

shrek-m at shrek-m at
Sat May 15 23:46:29 UTC 2004

Justin Churchey wrote:

kill the X-server

you mean [alt]+[ctrl]+[Fx]
and than [alt]+[Fx]

>to bring up
>another login screen so that another user could log
>into the box w/out terminating another users session. 

do you know

$ ssh
$ su -
$ sudo

>Then, to bring up the various different sessions you
>could hit Ctrl+Alt+F<session #> to switch b/t the
>different logged in users.
>I used this b/c my desktop was in the living room of
>an apartment w/ multiple users.  I was wondering if a
>similar thing could be done w/ FC 1.  It was a gr8
>feature that I'd like to start using again.

do you know:

gdm,kdm,xdm  Xnest, X -query, ...
$ startx -- :1     [alt]+[ctrl]+[F7][F8]
ssh  X11Forwarding
$ xhost +hostA
$ export DISPLAY=hostA:0; xterm


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