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Re: Multiple X Sessions on one Box

On Sun, 2004-05-16 at 09:18, Alexander Dalloz wrote:
> Am So, den 16.05.2004 schrieb Justin Churchey um 01:06:
> > When I used SuSE 8.2 last summer, a neat feature was
> > the ability to hit Ctrl+Alt+Backspace to bring up
> > another login screen so that another user could log
> > into the box w/out terminating another users session. 
> > Then, to bring up the various different sessions you
> > could hit Ctrl+Alt+F<session #> to switch b/t the
> > different logged in users.
> > SAJChurchey
> Just use: gdmflexiserver
> Alexander

Hi Alexander, thanks for this tip! I never new about this; it's
certainly a cool feature to be able to run multiple concurrent X
sessions on one box! 

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