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Re: Sendmail Question

On Thu, 2004-05-13 at 13:11, Alexander Dalloz wrote:
> Am Do, den 13.05.2004 schrieb -=Brian Truter=- um 20:12:
> > How do I get sendmail to stop appending .localdomain on mail sent from my
> > system?
> Your domain name is set as localdomain. So Sendmail sets it. See
> http://www.sendmail.org/m4/whoami.html
> > Is it possible to tell it not to append anything at all?
> Mails sent with no FQDN or unresolvable domain name will not be accepted
> by most recipient MTAs.

Mine's a laptop, I don't exactly have a FQDN or a resolvable domain. :)
so how does it sends mail??

>From what I see in the /var/log/maillog, I seem to see that sendmail is
actually connecting straight to the domains' to relay the message
instead of connecting to a (ISP) smtp server. 

I've not changed anything to my sendmail.mc file and smart_host is not

<snip from /var/log/maillog>
May 14 18:05:56 Neuromancer sendmail[910]: i4F15nTS000906:
to=<fedora-list redhat com>, delay=00:00:07, xdelay=00:00:07,
mailer=esmtp, pri=30620, relay=mx3.redhat.com. [],
dsn=2.0.0, stat=Sent (i4F17DAX027620 Message accepted for delivery)

Is this correct behaviour? I thought that to send emails you need to
either be authenticated (SMTP auth) or be on the same IPs as your ISP??

Or is this what's happening? Sendmail is actually querying DNS root
servers and then upon getting the MX server, it connects straight to
port 25 of that MX Server and sends it? If that's the case, what's
stopping it from being a relay???


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