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Re: Sendmail Question

Around 06:36am on Saturday, May 15, 2004 (UK time), Ow Mun Heng scrawled:

> Is this correct behaviour? I thought that to send emails you need to
> either be authenticated (SMTP auth) or be on the same IPs as your ISP??
> Or is this what's happening? Sendmail is actually querying DNS root
> servers and then upon getting the MX server, it connects straight to
> port 25 of that MX Server and sends it? If that's the case, what's
> stopping it from being a relay???

YEs you can talk directly to the mail server that you are sending to.
If you look at the headers on this email, you should see it went
directly from my desktop (candy.10forbes.close) to redhat's server.  The
receiveing server should only accept email fro its domain, to stop it
acting as a relay.


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