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Re: how to change the port vnc is running?

Chris Kloiber wrote:

On Sat, 2004-05-15 at 00:58, Gustavo Rahal wrote:


How to change the port vncserver is running? Actually, I don't know if
the port change is something to do with X or vnc. The situation is that I want to access my PC that is inside a home
network (there is a server doing NAT with iptables). I already have
access to the server from outside but I would like to access my computer
(ip 192.168.....) so I imagine that I would have to do a port forward to
my PC, is that right? Since the server is already running vncserver I
have to forward different ports...

Appreciate any help


I do something similar at my parents house. I have a linux firewall/gateway machine set up to protect both my parents Windows XP systems (sorry, can't convert them now) and I have things arranged such that I can run VNC over SSH to the gateway, then run vncviewer on the gateway and view my parents desktops. This works out very well if you run a 1280x1024 desktop, and the windows boxes happen to be at 1024x768. Make the VNC desktop size on the gateway 1152x864 and you get Windows in a window on your desktop. Neat and reasonably fast on a cable modem connection.

Or just tunnel the vnc in ssh, and make vncviewer set up the connection:
vncviewer privatepcip:0 -via gateway.domain.tld

or if your account on gateway has a different name:
vncviewer privatepcip:0 -via user gateway domain tld

Where privatepcip is the private address/hostname of the pc running vnc as known by the gateway, and gateway.domain.tld is the gateway public address/name.

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