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Re: How-to set up weekly backup onto a separate HDD?

set up rsync to copy it over - you can also do a cp -al on the remote drive to make incremetal data images with very little extra overhead of 

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On Sun, 16 May 2004 15:06:41 GMT , Coume - Lubox.com <coume mailinglists lubox com> sent:

>Hello (again),
>When I will have reinstall the new FC, I want to set up weekly backup on my vital data onto a separate HDD which is plugged though USB. I 
had this idea, since the nice powercut from next week which gave me lots lots of trouble to restart my FC computer giving Keernel Panic, it 
also explain why I cannot wait to clean everything an install FC2 :)
>How can I do that kind of backup? Is there tools that can manage that? or should I juste use a basic cron that makes a tar.gz?
>The annoying thing with tar.gz IMHO is that it will always backup everything, when it could be easier and far more quicker to have an 
incremental stuff to  backup only the modified files...
>any idea and tips are welcome :)
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