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basic list mail content: FC1 or FC2

Two nights ahead of the official release of Fedora Core 2 I would like
to initiate a discussion about the question, whether and if yes, how the
running release information should be a default information in list
postings which do not cover just general questions.

I think for some time we will see users still running FC1 a lot will
soon upgrade. But often you can never be certain which stable release
someone is using, unless he gives that information or you can conclude
that from a specific package version or such information. So:

- Should posters (nearly) always start their postings with a preface,
stating whether it is Fedora Core 1 or Fedora Core 2?

- Should that be a guideline whether the poster with a question or
problem knows if the question / problem is release specific or whether
he does not know?

- Should the standard information maybe come from: "cat
/etc/fedora-release"? ->
Fedora Core release 1 (Yarrow)
Fedora Core release 2 (Tettnang)

I would vote for such a recommendation to posters, at least when not
very general topics are discussed.

Looking forward your thoughts :)


Alexander Dalloz | Enger, Germany | GPG key 1024D/ED695653 1999-07-13
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