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Re: Headless dedicated server running FC1, how do I get FC2?

Bill Williamson said:
> This is interesting.  I don't have an identical box, but the grub flag
> to "try this once, go back to the original" flag (I'll have to research
> what it is, but I know it exists) combined with a VNC install might
> allow me some leeway if something goes wrong.

Unless it hangs installing something like glibc...

> Once the disk images are officially released I'll give it a shot locally
> and report back!
> Few questions:
> -how do you tell the installer to use VNC using this method?

It is just a kernel paramater.  You put it in the grub kernel line like
any other.
> -from looking at this, do all of the disk images need to be in /boot, or
> just the boot image?

What disk images?

Looking at the script you can see what files are copied:
cp /strw4/system/kickstart/isolinux/vmlinuz $bootdir
cp /strw4/system/kickstart/isolinux/initrd.img $bootdir

The "isolinux" directory is the one from the ISOs.

William Hooper

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