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Re: Headless dedicated server running FC1, how do I get FC2?

On Mon, May 17, 2004 at 09:50:08AM +1000, Bill Williamson wrote:
> -What do I do once FC1 stops updating?

With Fedora Legacy, you've got some time.

> --begin rant, ignore this bit--
> I'm trying not to get livid at this revelation, but this really is a 
> crappy thing to do to early adopters.  I loved the idea of a yum/apt 
> based RH that was constantly updating, and was amoung those who defended 
> FC against all the unfounded FUD being spread.  Now I'm being hung out 
> to dry, whereas had I done what everyone was screaming and just gone to 
> debian or gentoo, I'd be fine.

(Failing to ignore....)

I dunno why you think this is a "crappy thing", given that it's never worked
before. (For some definition of work, that is. In any case, it certainly
does't work *less* than it did before.)

Anyway, I wouldn't want to be stuck in this situation with *any*

Matthew Miller           mattdm mattdm org        <http://www.mattdm.org/>
Boston University Linux      ------>                <http://linux.bu.edu/>

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