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Fedora Core 2 LVM & DM Woes


I'd like to use LVM1, as opposed to LVM2, with Fedora Core 2 and its stock
2.6.5-1.358 kernel.  I have the lvm-1.0.3-19.0 tools installed, which are
required for LVM1, and I've used only the binaries included within that
package; I haven't touched the `lvm` command, which is an LVM2 utility.

The problem arises when I attempt to create a snapshot:

  [root nasone root]# lvcreate -L20480M -s -nsnapit /dev/volumegroup/lv01
    device-mapper ioctl cmd 9 failed: Invalid argument
    Couldn't load device 'volumegroup-snapit'.
    Problem reactivating origin lv01
  [root nasone root]#

After noticing this, I checked some `df -h` output and noticed that my
volumes are in fact being mounted with the use of the /dev(ice)/mapper/.

I understand that LVM2 doesn't support snapshots without the use of an
experimental and unstable patch, and apparently, my LVM1 binaries are
hooking into the LVM2 / device-mapper kernel code.  Is there any way I can
force my system to use LVM1 without downgrading the kernel to 2.4?  Am I
ignorant in assuming this code is still maintained in the 2.6 codebase?

Any help or guidance would be very much appreciated.  Tnx, in advance.

--          _ 
__ __ ___ _| | William R. Lorenz <wrl express org> 
\ V  V / '_| | http://www.clevelandlug.net/ ; "Every revolution was 
 \./\./|_| |_| first a thought in one man's mind." - Ralph Waldo Emerson 

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