Chris Kloiber ckloiber at ckloiber.com
Mon May 17 06:53:50 UTC 2004

On Mon, 2004-05-17 at 12:16, Jason Jackson wrote:
> I'd like to run Fedora natively on my Powerbook G4 Macintosh.  Is there 
> a native port, or will I be forced to have to attempt to run it in 
> VirtualPC?
> Any word if Core2 Final is VirtualPC friendly?

For the G4, not yet. I did hear patches were being accepted, and you
might find a rawhide/ppc (intended for one of IBM z/i/p, I can't keep
them straight) tree out there which others have shoehorned into Macs.

I don't know VirtualPC other than Microsoft bought them... 

I do know VMWare is having issues, I think they are working on it.

Chris Kloiber

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