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Re: FC2 release date?

On Mon, 2004-05-17 at 13:00, Scott Burns wrote:
> When will FC2 be released on the 18th, and in what timezone?
> Being an Australian, I usuasually have to wait an extra day.  I've 
> generally gone home to my dialup connection by the time the downloads 
> are permitted.  It would be nice to know when I can start downloading in 
> case all that is required is for me to wait back half an hour or so...

  I have found that the mirrors and torrent files usually become
accessible around 10AM GMT-05 on the day they're to be released.
Therefore, for AEST, around about 12-1AM Wed 19th we should be able to
start downloading. In my experiences, only the official Duke torrent
file is accessible straight away, it usually takes at least another day
for the AU mirrors such as PlanetMirror to open up. But I use
Bittorrent, so for me that's not a problem! :)

"Would you buy a car with the hood welded shut?"
 - Bob Young on the benefits of the open source development model.
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